Soul Source Music - Music from the Soul to Open the Heart

The Sorcier

“This is a rare gem of musical alchemy. Animated
and energizing. Yet, soothing and reflective.
Every emotional base touched. Deeply. A 'must have!'”

Lawrence Collins - Ebony and Ivory

“Christopher is a sorcier who needs no apprentice.
His solo alchemy is complete...and overwhelming.”

Cassandra Allen - Keyboard Connection

“The ingredients of this sorcier’s brew are not
mysterious. Melodic, original compositions. Familiar,
but not derivative. Inventive arrangements. Inspired
performance. The result – 'keyboard magic!'”

Robert Christeau - The Music Gourmet

Free Track - Saleri's waltz
Sample 1 - Take Clive
Sample 2 - A colleen mist

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